Determining which digital marketing services are going to provide the best return on your investment can be tough. Finding a digital marketing agency who can adequately execute these services can be even tougher. What makes the Double Up team different? We continually develop our processes as new technologies, strategies, and landscapes change. Our digital marketing team is comprised of genuine experts that recognize how crucial our success is for your business. We want you to consider us as an extension of your team. By thoroughly educating ourselves on the complexities of your business, we can formulate digital marketing strategies that are going to drive successful results.

Key Aspects of Our Digital Marketing Services

One Size Does Not Fit All

Every digital marketing campaign is unique and should be treated as such.  We use past experiences to help us make better decisions while performing new strategy sessions to uncover unique areas of opportunity to craft a strategy that fits your business model.

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We develop multiple strategies for execution and support them with in-depth research to determine which methods will prove most viable. Our ever-growing list of tools and resources allows us to find the relevant data needed to make proper projections and more accurate business decisions.


We make every effort to ensure our work is fully accessible and transparent to our clients. We employ streamlined communication tools that keep our clients informed as soon as tasks are completed. We also use these communication efforts to identify every lead that comes in so we can gauge their quality and apply proper measures to improve performance.


When you work with us, you’ll know the return on every dollar you spend.  We track every relevant click, phone calls, form submissions and any KPIs that matter to your business. Our live reporting dashboards and custom reports are easy to understand and are custom-tailored to your business.

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Our Digital Marketing Approach

Regardless of what digital marketing services are included in your campaign, we use the same approach to understand the nuances of your business, your ideal buyers, and what strategies are going to be most effective. Before we can formulate a strategic approach, it’s crucial for us to understand these details. This knowledge provides us a foundation of data, research, and assets we need to be successful.Take a look at our approach in determining what solutions are going to be best for your business:

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    It’s time for our teams to meet. Our kickoff meeting is the opportunity for you to bring us on like new employees. We need to understand how your business operates including what services you provide, what the sales cycle looks like, who’s responsible for contacting inbound leads, your average close rate and other details of your business. Don’t be shy – the more we know about your business, the better your campaigns will perform.

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    Buyer Personas

    The next step we take is identifying your ideal buyers. Most businesses will have several various buyer types, and we’ll help you define them, identify common interests, what language and imagery appeals most to them, and their most common pain points. Determining these metrics allows us to understand what your buyers crave and how can eliminate inefficiencies that result in barriers to converting business.

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    With a strong foundation of your businesses proclivities and industry knowledge learned in our discovery phase, we then begin keyword research, competitor analysis, and platform research.  We’ll uncover what phrases your ideal buyers are searching and where they’re searching for it. This research provides us the ammo we need to head into the Strategy phase.

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    With our preliminary research completed, we conduct an internal brainstorm meeting to digest this information. We will deliver a strategy to you for each platform we believe is going to provide a positive ROI. We will then schedule a meeting with you to review this strategy, make adjustments as needed and prepare for implementation.

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    With strategies in place, we begin assigning time-sensitive task lists to respective team members to ensure strategies are implemented correctly and efficiently. All of our tasks lists are thoroughly documented and modified consistently to provide no steps are ever missed. We maintain constant communication during this process to keep you informed of progress and any variables we may encounter.

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    Testing & Modification

    Once marketing strategies are in place, we implement A/B testing. This process allows us to test different strategies, landing pages, design elements and other interchangeable aspects of the campaign. Through this process, we are able to make more informed decisions on which actions we should take to increase performance.

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    We take your success personally. We want to make sure we are providing a positive return on your investment, therefore we provide full transparency for all campaigns, including conversion tracking for form submissions, phone calls and any other goals that will provide valuable insight.

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