Installing proper conversion rate tracking is the foundation of any successful marketing effort. By specializing in interpreting user engagement, we are able to understand our clients return on investment in a transparent manner. This understanding comes from expert tracking measures that provide us with the tools to ensure your money is being spent efficiently and effectively.

Identifying KPIs

Your KPIs (or key performance indicators) are the metrics you must understand to make effective business decisions. Some common KPIs are conversions, conversion rates, monthly sessions, and average time spent on a page.  Often, reporting software will only provide broad KPIs when we prefer to remain hyper-focused. We specialize in providing reporting on any KPIs you can dream up.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used analytics platforms on the market for multiple reasons. While Google Analytics is an invaluable tool, if you don’t know how to set it up properly, you could be analyzing inaccurate or irrelevant data. We are Google Analytics experts and will structure your account so that you are collecting the data that matters.

3rd-Party Analytics Tools

There is a wide variety of analytics reporting tools that can provide insight into your KPIs.  For instance, CallRail is a call-tracking service that allows us to record phone calls and pass that data back to Google Analytics.  We’ll help you identify which 3rd-party analytics tools make sense for you and set them up properly.

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Our Approach

We love data. We wouldn’t exist without it! Because of our passion, we have full confidence in being able to provide full transparency. We have an extensive onboarding and implementation checklist that ensures we learn what we need from you, implement tracking seamlessly, and provide accurate reporting on a regular basis. Take a look at our step-by-step Analytics process to make sure you understand your ROI.

  1. 1

    Discovery & Kick-off

    This is the time to for us to learn about your KPI’s and the goals that matter most to you. We’ll ask a series of questions that will give us insight on other metrics that might be valuable.

  2. 2

    Website Goal Mapping

    Now that we know what’s important, we’ll start mapping out all the relevant goals we should be reporting on. This can include form submissions, phone calls, newsletter signups or even number of times a video is played. If an action can be taken on a website, we can track it.

  3. 3

    Google Analytics Audit or Setup

    If you already have a Google Analytics account, we’ll perform an audit to see what needs to be optimized. If you don’t have Google Analytics, we’ll create an account and confirm that it is set up correctly. We ensure that no internal (people in your office) will be tracked as well as deter most known bots and spiders, so you receive accurate data.

  4. 4

    Google Tag Manager Setup

    Google Tag Manager allows us to place scripts as we see fit and to track more advanced metrics that Google Analytics doesn’t natively track. We can then pass Events back to Google Analytics to record the data. This helps to keep all scripts consolidated and reduces the chances of scripts getting deleted by development teams.

  5. 5

    3rd-Party Platform Setup

    In some cases, additional tracking may be needed. An example tracking measure is Full Story. This service allows us to actually watch users browse the website and see how they react to the user experience. Depending on your needs, we’ll make recommendations for appropriate 3rd-party services and set them up accordingly.

  6. 6


    Proper Analytics tracking requires a complex and comprehensive approach. In order to make sure that all scripts are correctly implemented, events are firing when needed, and data is being reported accurately, we conduct an extensive peer review process to ensure that no errors are made.

  7. 7


    Once we have verified all tracking is working as intended, we’ll publish all Google Tag Manager containers and launch all analytical tracking.


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