Conversion rate optimization refers to the process of increasing the percentage of website users that take a specific action on your website. This action can include filling out a form, finding directions, requesting a quote, making a phone call, or be customized to any particular goals. By analyzing user behavior, defining buyer personas and identifying key conversion metrics, we create strategies to increase your overall conversion rate and ultimately increase revenue.

Key Aspects of CRO

Who Are You Optimizing For?

Understanding who we are optimizing the website for is the most valuable aspect of a CRO campaign. The answer to this question comes from understanding all possible user types and tailoring an experience to meet those needs. Defining the buyer personas sets the landscape for the entire strategy.

What Are Your Goals?

Are you giving your users enough opportunities to convert?  Are you tracking all of those goals? You should always avoid having only one general contact form on your website.  At a minimum, you should have a general contact form, a request pricing form, and an email newsletter signup form. In addition to these constants, there are a variety of other ways to capture a user’s information, like providing a case study download where a user must input an email address to access the information.

Have You Tested?

Countless conversion aspects should be considered in addition to standardized A/B testing. It’s important to always examine small details like the use of a certain image, the layout of a specific section or even the color of a submit button. Creating a successful CRO campaign requires frequent testing and adjustments.

Cute Little Thing

Our Approach

As our experience in increasing conversion rates has grown, our in-depth approach has been continuously refined with best practices derived from industry-leading results. We know exactly what to look for when performing audits and our step-by-step process makes sure nothing slips between the cracks. Take a look at how we execute our conversion rate optimization process:

  1. 1

    Discovery & Kick-off

    To kick-off any project, we conduct a discovery meeting to bring our team up to speed on what significant obstacles you are currently facing.  We’ll need access to your Analytics account and any other tracking platforms you use. We prefer getting access to these accounts before this meeting so we can start preliminary research.

  2. 2

    Buyer Personas

    To optimize your conversion rates, we need to know who should be optimizing for. We’ll help you to identify the different types of users who are coming to your website, what information they are seeking, and what content we need to provide to optimize the user experience.

  3. 3

    User Experience Audit

    Before we can begin to interpret the Analytics data, we perform an unbiased audit of the website. We look at the user experience as a whole and pinpoint areas we know there is room for improvement. This allows us to confirm our suspicions as we dive into the Analytics and get a better feel for how your type of traffic engages with different content and layouts. We are device-aware as well, so we’ll be analyzing the experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

  4. 4

    Analytics Audit

    As mentioned before, we confirm our suspicions by backing it up with engagement metrics. We’ll take a look at the behavior flow for the top landing pages and pinpoint where people are bouncing off the website. Once we identify these dead ends, we’ll start to formulate ideas for improvement.

  5. 5


    Now that we have completed our buyer personas, user experience audit and Analytics audit, we begin crafting our strategies on how to increase conversion rates.  We will deliver a document with all the suggested recommendations, the reasoning behind them, and what effects these changes will have.

  6. 6


    With approval from you, we’ll start implementing our recommendations. Already have a development team? No worries – we can work closely with them to ensure implementation is done correctly.

  7. 7


    We’ll optimize Google Analytics to track any new goals, and user flows so we can quickly analyze changes in performance. This tracking measure allows us clear data that shows the difference in performance after implementation.

  8. 8

    Review & Testing

    Once we have received enough statistically relevant data, we’ll compare that data to the same period before implementation. We’ll advise you on what changes worked and what didn’t – we’ll then provide more recommendations to improve even further.


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