Copywriting and content marketing consists of creating thought leadership pieces in the form of blog articles, industry news, press releases, page content, marketing flyers, and more. Compelling copy is what keeps users engaged with your brand. Our team of content writers take the time to conduct adequate research in an effort to better inform your users and patrons about your products and services. By creating value-adding, optimized content, we educate users and expand the number of search queries to reach a larger scale audience.  Whether you need simple content for a flyer or your entire website, we’re here to help provide value.

Key Aspects of Content Marketing

Industry Research

We take the time to learn as much as we can from you to identify the most crucial aspects to focus on.  After gaining insight directly from you, we’ll perform independent industry research to find supporting information for the use of citations.  We’ll ensure any sources we use are provided to you to ensure their credibility.

Keyword Research

Quality content is always supported by in-depth keyword research, especially if this content is used on the web.  We understand that when we create content, our targeted keywords should naturally appear.  In addition, we’ll make sure to use certain variations of those keywords to increase search value while still maintaining a natural style.

Quality Over Quantity

You’ve probably heard the saying “Content is King!” While that phrase has merit, there is more to the story. Quality content is king, and no one knows that better than us. Our content is always focused on providing value to your user base by thoughtfully answering their questions, making you a thought leader.


The creation of high-quality content doesn’t automatically guarantee that it’s going to reach the people who matter most.  There are several effective ways to spread the word and here’s how you do it…Just kidding, that’s our secret sauce!

Cute Little Thing

Our Approach

When it comes to writing high-value content, we’ve got our process nailed down.  With the use of a content review platform, we’re able to keep all of your content, revisions, and approvals in one place.  We know reviewing content can be a meticulous process and we make every effort to create a seamless experience. Take a look at our step-by-step approach:

  • Discovery & Kick-off Meeting

    Like any campaign we manage, our kick-off meeting provides the opportunity to become familiarized with your business and industry.  We need to learn all aspects of your business to truly understand what we are writing about. We’ll come prepared with a wide variety of different questions. We ask that you come prepared with any marketing content or other material that will help our team become more familiar with your brand.

  • Keyword Research

    With any content we write, we ensure it’s backed by thorough keyword research to maximize our chances of ranking in the search results.  We’ll find the different ways people are searching for your products and services, how often those terms are being searched monthly, and how much competition is associated with each. This research will help us prioritize what content needs to be created.

  • Topics Selection

    Once we have conducted our keyword research, it’s time to start formulating content topics.  In addition, we need to identify what types of content we should be creating. Often times, this might be already defined by the scope of the project but we may suggest different titles or a slightly different approach in an effort to provide the content your customer base is truly craving.

  • Craft Content

    Now it’s time for our content team to start crafting your custom copy. Our writers understand the importance of quality content, and it is reflected in every piece that we deliver. We aren’t here to keyword-stuff useless content. We set out to adequately answer people’s questions, and by doing so, our targeted keywords should appear naturally. We are experts in writing SEO-friendly content and use the identified high-value terms where we see they fit in a value-adding manner.

  • Send For Review

    We understand how important your brand is to you and would never publish content without your approval. We use a review platform that allows you to quickly review and suggest edits to the content we’ve created.  Each piece of content we deliver will usually get two rounds of revisions.

  • Make Edits

    Based on your suggested edits, we’ll make those changes and notify you when complete.  At this time, you can send over one more final round of revisions.

  • Final Review

    During our final review, we’ll optimize the content with the necessary images, hyperlinks to sources, internal links to existing content and all HTML & SEO-related items.

  • Publish & Syndicate

    Once all final edits are in place, we’ll publish the content or send it over for you to use. We also use this time to promote the content to gain maximum exposure. We utilize several methods for promotion including press releases, social media and leveraging our publisher network.


A Digital Marketing Agency You Can Trust

Our clients have nothing but kudos to say about us. Really, it’s true!

The team at Double Up provided awesome and transparent service. Their creative execution is top notch and I recommend them for any design or marketing needs you might have. You won’t be disappointed!

Lucas Montalbetti

Double Up takes your success personally. They have such a strong competitive attitude that they do not accept not being the best at what they do. My business has taken off because of Double Up Digital, and I’m excited to see where they help me go.

Jay Thornton Parsons Roofing

Cullie and Justin are wonderful. For me, the best part of the experience was that I felt that they wanted to do an excellent job. I didn’t feel rushed to make what to me were important decisions. I think it was their patience with me that allowed me to get to a great final product.

Thomas Rush QuickBlocks

Double Up did a dynamite job creating our new website and helping us get current with all of our social media here at Hamby & Aloisio. We couldn’t have found someone better for the job!

Joyce Palmer Lytton Hamby & Aloisio

Double Up cares for the project as if it is their own, and don’t stop until they get you exactly what you envisioned. They also offer great recommendations of their own as they draw upon past experiences to know what works and what doesn’t. Highly recommend using them for all of your website and SEO needs.

Jeff Waronker Express MRI

One of my favorite things about Double Up Digital is their attention to detail and they are constantly on the cutting edge of their craft. Every time I walk out of a meeting with their team my brain is racing with new ideas and strategies. They are years ahead of their competition.

Jordan Agolli Force Media

They stick to their timelines! My new website has absolutely gotten me new business. Cullie designed it with SEO as a priority. I expect to continue working with Double Up for our future needs. Highly recommended.

Andrew Levison Mag-nificent