Facebook is a vast resource that provides considerable reach when used effectively. With the vast demographic targeting parameters available on Facebook, we can help dial in on an audience that is likely to use your products and services. Our team will come up with creative approaches for both the design and messaging of your Adverts and monitor it daily to make optimizations to increase performance.

Key Aspects of Facebook Adverts

Quality Audience Pools

One of the premiere features of Facebook Adverts is the ability to build audience pools. These pools can be built based on demographic data like age and location, as well as personal interests. Additionally, we can build audience pools for certain pages of your website in order to serve ads specifically pertaining to what they previously searched.

Eye-Catching Graphics

As users scroll through their timeline, we serve adverts that consistently stand out from the rest. We captivate user attention with high-quality, attention-grabbing graphics. We are experts in Facebook’s limiting parameters as they apply to promoted graphics and have installed expert practices in navigating these types of restrictions.

Ad Verbiage

Based on the target audience, the verbiage we publish is going to vary, even when advertising the same product or service. For example, younger generations tend to heavily use emojis as well as more trendy buzzwords. This type of language and communication is less impactful with an older demographic. Every piece of content we craft is aimed to invoke the right type of emotion and subsequent action.

Landing Page Experience

A key step in our Facebook Adverts approach is to define the end goal. A common misconception is that you should always send traffic to a homepage. This is the wrong approach. We want to ensure we are sending the traffic from a campaign to a page that helps them reach the established end goal – contacting your company. We formulate an optimized landing page experience for each campaign we run and even A/B test landing pages based on performance.

Cute Little Thing

Our Approach

The processes we have in place for our services are detail-oriented and developed from successful outcomes. Our step-by-step process consistently ensures that no variables or steps are missed and paves the way for a successful campaign. Take a look at how we execute our Facebook Adverts campaigns:

  1. 1

    Discovery & Kick-off Meeting

    We want you to consider us an extension of your team during this step of the process.  It’s crucial for us to understand various details relating to your business in order to succeed. We identify critical questions beforehand and ask that you come prepared with any material that you think might be useful to us.

  2. 2

    Buyer Personas & Messaging

    Facebook’s targeting parameters are largely based on demographics and interests, so identifying your target buyers is crucial. We’ll work with you to define your ideal customer and their interests so we can become crystal clear on the type of messaging and approach that will be most effective.

  3. 3

    Define Objectives

    Now that we know who we are targeting, it’s time to establish goals. Based on the buyer personas, certain actions may appeal differently to each buyer type. For example, it may make sense to drive one segment to a free seminar sign up and another to an informational download.  We’ll define these objectives so we can build campaigns that are optimized for each individual goal.

  4. 4

    Create Ad Copy

    Through previous meetings and discussions, we will have compiled enough information to give us a strong foundation for creating captivating and relevant ad copy. Based on these previous discussions and direction we create different variations of optimized ad copy. This content is always submitted to the client for approval before being published.

  5. 5

    Design Graphics

    Our graphic designers are experts in understanding and executing the styles and sizes that perform the best on Facebook. In addition, we are experts in working within the platform’s limitations when it comes to adding text and other restrictions. We adhere to Facebook’s guidelines while retaining the ability to create captivating, eye-catching graphics that will work in tangent with the ad copy we’ve developed. All graphics are created in-house and submitted for approval prior to being published.

  6. 6

    Audience Pools

    When building out custom audience pools we refer to the buyer personas that we previously established. Facebook allows the ability to target by demographics and interests making our due diligence paramount in connecting with the right audience.
    In addition, we create audience pools for different pages on your website that allow us to retarget users and serve ads based on what we know they are interested in.

  7. 7

    Ad Sets

    We define your targeting, budgets, schedules, bidding and placements at the ad set level. We then create the different ad sets that will be used in each campaign.

  8. 8


    Once the Ad Sets are defined, we start creating adverts (or advertisements). Facebook allows us to create multiple ads within an ad set. We typically have at least 2 adverts running within an ad set so we can A/B test messaging and graphics. This is also where we input the specific copy on each ad.

  9. 9

    Create Facebook Pixels

    Facebook Pixels allow us the ability to send back data to Facebook to attribute any conversions related to the ad. We use this tool to track any and all actions a user can take on your website.

  10. 10

    Analytics & Tracking

    Although we set up pixels to pass data back to Facebook, we prefer to have our own additional tracking system in place as Facebook data can be difficult to digest at the client level. Having our own tools ensures accuracy and easy to digest metrics when reviewing results with a client. We set up tracking parameters to pass data back to Google Analytics and other reporting platforms that we utilize making an accurate assessment on ROI just a click away.

  11. 11


    Once we have completed our Facebook Campaign Launch Checklist and received your approval, the campaign is ready for launch!

  12. 12

    On-Going Management

    We’ve built and launched the campaigns so we are done, right?  Not even close. With every campaign we run, we collect data to interpret how people are engaging. We monitor each campaign meticulously and then analyze the data to make better decisions moving forward. On a monthly basis, we create new ads to try and outperform the previous month, modify audience pools, test different ad copy, and report on the performance to you.


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