Marketing automation is an incredibly effective tool that allows you to tailor custom emails and advertising to prospects based on their actions taken on your website. Utilizing email marketing and social media retargeting, we will enter each user into workflows that will serve them content based on the actions they took on the website.  We build workflows that guarantee each user is receiving advertisements most closely related to what they were recently viewing. Learn more about how we can make your marketing efforts work smarter, not harder.

Key Aspects of Marketing Automation

Lead Nurturing

The main goal of marketing automation is to guide the user further along the buying cycle. We call this lead nurturing.  The first time a user visits a website and provides their email address, we want to avoid overwhelming them with sales-focused materials. We start by educating them about your products/services, then establishing trust and credibility and then deliver sales driven content.

List Management

Managing multiple lists can be a headache, but with our marketing automation solutions, we formulate one master list that we can break into as many segments as necessary. Based on the actions a user takes on the website, we can automate when they are moved into a different segment, rather than making this types of adjustments manually.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring allows us to grade the actions taken by a user and use that data to push users into different workflows. This kind of grading system ensures that our users are consistently receiving the most optimized content based on their behavior changes.

Avoid “Set It And Forget It”

We create marketing automation systems that are constantly growing and more importantly, evolving. For a campaign to evolve, it requires constant oversight and refinement. With our attention to detail, the possibilities are endless through the continuous analyzing of data and workflow tweaks to increase performance.

Cute Little Thing

Our Approach

  1. 1

    Discovery & Kick-off Meeting

    This is the opportunity for our team to get introduced to your brand. We like to consider ourselves an extension of your team and ask that you treat us like new employees so we can gain a comprehensive understanding of your model. We focus on your customers, sales process and overall competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  2. 2

    Asset Collection

    Marketing automation requires substantial amounts of content. Our goal is to collect any assets that can supply us with digital ammo including case studies, testimonials, marketing material and other competitive advantages. Anything you have that can help us establish trust and credibility will be thoughtfully applied in our campaign.

  3. 3

    Buyer Personas

    Now is the time for us to define the different types of users/buyers who visit your website. For instance, you may have new customers looking to purchase a single service or you can have existing customers looking for a peripheral product. We’ll help you identify who these user types are, what they are looking for, and how we can develop workflows that are geared to pushing them further along in the buying cycle.

  4. 4

    Product/Service Breakdown

    This process requires your assistance, as no one knows your products better than you do. Typically, in the first month, we focus on the flagship products/services you provide. We need to recognize the competitive advantage that these products/services offer. We also dissect the sales process for each service, as we need to be aware of the “pain points” users experience at each stage of the buying cycle. This analysis will help us to determine which emails should be going out at what time and when we should start retargeting on social media platforms.

  5. 5

    Workflow Strategies

    Now that we understand who your buyers are, as well as the ins-and-outs of your products/services, we can start sculpturing the workflow strategies. We will map out the customer journey for each workflow that will drive them to our ultimate goal – contacting your company.

  6. 6


    Once we have defined our workflows, we begin implementation on the marketing automation platform. We create tags that are tied to specific events and develop a lead scoring system that assigns point values based on those actions. Our extensive peer review process ensures that all custom rules are set properly, tags applied when needed, subscriber lists have been imported, and email campaign settings are optimized.

  7. 7


    At this point, we’ll schedule a time to review each individual workflow, the associated email campaigns, and social media campaigns. We want to make sure you are comfortable with every strategy and that we aren’t overwhelming your customer base. Our is to seamlessly guide users through the buying cycle without them realizing it.

  8. 8

    Launch & Monitor

    After getting your approval, we’ll launch the campaign and monitor the results. As we start collecting data, we’ll begin to make recommendations on how to improve each workflow. Marketing automation is ever-evolving and needs to be refined regularly. As you begin to roll out new products and services, new campaigns and workflows will need to be created. We are here to ensure your marketing automation works smarter, not harder.


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