Gary Hegarty is the current Chief Financial Strategy Advisor at ACS Solutions. ACS Solutions an innovative company that aims to solve problems for railroad communications and ultimately help them operate more efficiently. ACS Solutions has been very successful in this industry, which helps demonstrate the great achievement Mr. Hegarty has managed to attain in his career. Gary Hegarty has achieved a great deal to be able to sit as an executive for such a well run organization, but it was not an accident that his career worked out this way. Continue reading to learn why Double Up Digital has selected Gary as their Mentor of the Month.

Gary Hegarty’s Finance Career

Going back to 1983 to the start of his career, Hegarty has always been very ambitious and has worked hard to achieve his goals. Starting that year and going until 1988, he worked at Pricewaterhouse, now known as PwC, the largest professional services firm in the world. During his time there Hegarty worked, impressively, at the company’s offices in Dublin and New York City.

The Next years of Mr. Hegarty’s career began his experience of being a well trained and very strategic CFO. In the next chapter of his career, Hegarty served as the CFO at two different companies and was very successful in both roles. First Hegarty was the CFO at Holmes Corporation TV Production, and then he moved on to be a very successful CFO at Wiseman post-production company.

Gary’s History as an Entrepreneur & Consultant

Next, Hegarty tried his hand at entrepreneurship. From 2000 to 2005 Hegarty served as the founder and president of Carceris Consulting. This business venture proved successful, but Hegarty was still just as driven as he had been his whole career and chose to continue broadening his career in other industries. Using his well-refined skill set, Hegarty then joined up with his old colleagues at Pricewaterhouse. In his time there, he helped build Middle Market Business Advisory Services Practice. He would help build this business from scratch, which would ultimately become a successful nationwide firm.

Since 2005 Hegarty has been a consultant for numerous satisfied clients and has incredible levels of experience in his field. Hegarty has worked as a partner, employee, and owner at various consulting firms. Due to these various positions has valuable insight into numerous point of views within the finance field.

Appreciating the Career of Gary Hegarty

When you look through Mr. Hegarty’s past, it is not hard to see how he attained high levels of success and got to where he is today. In addition to being CFO at ACS solutions, Hegarty is also involved in numerous startups in terms of business plan and strategy preparation. Hegarty has had an impressive career and has undoubtedly succeeded due to hard work and high amounts of business knowledge derived from his longtime experience in his field.

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