Project Overview

DCO Commercial Floors is a national provider of commercial flooring, floor covering, and window treatments. With only two locations in the U.S., it was critical to market them as a national provider and showcases their services in a way that informs users their services are available all over the country. To achieve the desired aesthetic and user experience that the client was looking for we created custom icons for various services, sidebar navigation that separates out page content on several pages throughout the site, a categorized portfolio for easy navigation, and an odometer-style counter that tracks square feet of flooring installed since 2018.


Visual & Informative User Experience

We strived to create a website design that incorporated images from their portfolio of work as well as used custom illustrated icons to help express the different commercial services that they provide. To find a balance with these two creative elements, we organized their portfolio page with icons representing different markets that DCO specializes in. We also separated their various services on the homepage with individuals icons for each service.


Clean Designs Showcase Their Achievements

Custom Services Icons

Adding custom icons to their design helped showcase their diverse services by creating an organized format that is easily digestible for the end user. This display allows for a simplified and informative style of communication to users that helps them understand more about you in a seamless and user-friendly manner.

Portfolio Speaks For Itself

Properly showcasing their body of work was a critical component of this design project. By displaying out their various projects in an organized and clean style, the end user is exposed to visually appealing projects that demonstrate the quality of their work.

Recognizable Clientele

We implemented a scrollable banner on their homepage that links directly to their featured work for respective high-end clients and projects. This easy navigation immediately demonstrates them as a trusted leader in their industry as they are associated with widely recognizable brands and organizations in the country.


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