Project Overview


Unique Front-End Styling

As mentioned before, we really wanted this website to come to life in an effort to showcase the fun-natured environment in which Goza Tequila fosters.  However, we wanted to make sure we didn't go overboard that would distract users from reading content.  Using CSS, our development team worked with the design team to implement subtle color transitions and used Scroll Magic to add some movement.

Homepage - products section b&a

Cocktails Page Before


Cocktails Page After


Mobile-First Approach

In analyzing the buyer personas and past website activity, we knew that most of Goza's visitors would be on mobile devices.  As with all of our websites, we built Goza responsively so the site responds to the device-width of each user.  Ensuring the mobile experience was just as captivating as the desktop experience was paramount and the result does not fall short.

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