Project Overview

NTG Freight is a third-party logistics services provider that serves over 15,000 customers across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Because their industry is so competitive, it was critical to create a homepage design that immediately captures the user and qualifies them into two respective client personas. We accomplished this through the use of high-definition video and customized icon animations that directly resonate with a user and ultimately direct them to a section of the site that is relevant to their needs.


Custom Animated Icons

To display the various logistics services that NTG provides, we took a creative approach to the design elements on their homepage. We created engaging animated icons with short captions beneath them that adequately describe their logistics solutions but still provide users with a fun and memorable way to interact with the site.

Scroll over the icons below to see some of our custom animated magic:


Design & Development

In addition to the custom animated icons featured on the homepage, the web design for NTG features several other unique elements that required custom coding and thinking outside the box.

A custom-coded video slider featuring testimonials displays lengthy snippets of content within a sleek and digestible design. This styling helps keep users engaged while showcasing NTG as a valuable partner in their industry.

Since NTG is such a large company and continuously adding to their team, it was crucial to create a careers page that organizes their open positions in a way that matches their style but still provides all relevant information to the end user. We implemented a fade toggle display to achieve the desired aesthetic while also displaying appropriate information.


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