Project Overview

Ocean & Acre is a restaurant in Alpharetta, Georgia, that celebrates the intersection of local farm and coastal foods, “Where the Land Meets the Sea.” Our goal was to create a website that matched the restaurant’s charm and uniqueness, marrying together nautical and rustic farm styles into one cohesive and lively aesthetic. Ocean & Acre is owned and operated by Southern Proper Hospitality, and we worked closely with their team to bring their restaurant’s web presence to life.

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It's in the Details

Ocean & Acre came to us desiring a unique and individual website design - they didn't want anything cookie-cutter. In order to do that, we pulled together some of their preexisting branding assets as well as added in some new design elements. Paying attention to the small details allowed the site to have a pleasant element of surprise and charm, bringing the character of the restaurant to life. Unique hover effects, textured fonts, and subtle background patterns all came together to created a lively design that enhances instead of overwhelmed the content.

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Custom Filterable Menu

Ocean & Acre has a large and varied menu that we wanted users to be able to interact with easily. Instead of having simple PDFs or taking up too much space with an overwhelming full vertical listing, we decided to create a custom tabbed menu that clearly organized the content. This allows the client to easily update their menu online, and creates a simple and visually appealing experience for the user. We also created the menu to be fully responsive, so that it works on all devices.


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