Project Overview

Located in Atlanta, Parsons Roofing is professional roofing company specializing in commercial and residential projects. They came to us as they launched their business looking for a way to drive a high volume of quality leads. Initially, Parsons Roofing was primarily focusing on residential roofing but had the capabilities to effectively manage and complete commercial projects. Upon doing our keyword research, we noticed lower cost per clicks on the commercial side and urged them to put a larger budget towards commercial than originally planned. This resulted in achieving lower CPAs on the commercial side with larger project sizes which was fantastic for their bottom line. All the while, we still drove residential leads at an optimal cost per acquisition and grew that side of the business as well.

Developing a custom website in combination with a bolstered SEO campaign leads to a drastic increase in organic presence.  Parsons is now ranking on page 1 for most of their sought-after keywords which is leading to even more high-quality leads.

In the first month of the campaign, we achieved a 15.50% conversion rate which resulted in 20 high-quality leads.  15 of these leads closed into new business and was Parsons' best month to date in terms of revenue.


Conversion Rate in 1st month


New Leads In First Month


Conversion Rate (All-time)


Conversions (All-Time)

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