Project Overview

Satcher & McGovern came to us in need of a website for their newly founded civil litigation firm in the greater Atlanta area. With over 90 years of legal experience, they wanted their site to showcase their skill and experience to handle the entire litigation process. Our challenge was to create a site that showcased their experience and tenacity. We worked closely with them to create both content and visuals that highlight their sophistication as a boutique litigation firm and that appealed to their large institutional client base.


Sophisticated Branding & Design

Satcher & McGovern needed their branding and website to showcase that their litigation firm was sophisticated and upscale. They desired something text-based rather than imagery-based, so we went with a classy serif font to give a tone that speaks composure and determination - some of the things they felt were distinguishing features of their firm and would appeal to their client base. We matched this with a contrasting black and red color scheme to give the perception of boldness, and classic law imagery to call back to a feeling of grandeur.


Custom Icons

In order to showcase Satcher & McGovern's main areas of practice, we created custom line-style icons for each. Using icons draws the user's eye to the information we want to highlight as well as adds visual interest and variety to the design. Displaying their practice areas this way allows us to communicate to the user what information is important as well as helps them easily understand that information with visual help.

Content Creation

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