Developing an app for your brand or service allows you to expand your reach by creating an additional channel for accessible information. Creating a premium app delivers faster access to information, faster load times, and keeps you constantly within the fingertips of your users and customers. Push notifications allow you to keep in constant contact, while the app platform as a whole provides advanced features that can be difficult to accomplish with websites alone.

What Do We Focus On?

Latest Technologies

All of our App projects are built using the latest web technologies. Our team is well versed in Angular and Ionic platforms providing you with the needed utility for your project.

Both App Markets

You don’t want to limit your audience. We ensure compatibility with Android & iOS making your app accessible to all users.

Website Integration

All Apps created by our team will have full API integration with your existing WordPress website creating a seamless user experience.

Cute Little Thing

Our Approach to App Development

There are significant steps in between an apps conception and actual launch. We have a concrete process that brings your creative ideas to come to life. Creating an app is a fun process – see how we execute your vision below:

  1. 1


    You’ve come up with a great idea, and we want to help see it through. Part of that process is identifying areas that can be improved to create more viability in the market. We’ll help you answer the fundamental questions regarding what your app does, who it’s for, and define each function.

  2. 2


    We’ll bring your vision to life by utilizing storyboards and wireframes to showcase how the app should be used. We’ll wireframe every function the app will provide so that we can begin to identify any potential bugs. This cooperation is the fun part of the process as we welcome all creative opinions from both your team and ours.

  3. 3

    GUI Design

    With the prototyping process complete, we can start designing the app. Considering what we learned in the prototyping stage and who will be using the app, we’ll design a user experience that is tailored to our target users. Once we deliver the designs, you’ll have multiple rounds of revisions. After final approval, you’ll know exactly what your app will look like after development is complete.

  4. 4


    Time to crack our knuckles and start coding! Using the latest in coding standards, we’ll create your app based on the designs provided. As we go, we implement troubleshooting measures along the way so we can identify any potential problems and/or bugs. We are hyper-obsessed with quality code and promise never to take any shortcuts. We treat each project with the attention to detail as if it were our own idea.

  5. 5


    Once we have completed development, we’ll provide instructions on how to download the app and ask for your review. We’ll implement any revisions requested and prepare the app for beta launch.

  6. 6

    Beta Launch

    Before we release the app to the public, we’ll want to test it amongst a smaller audience. We ask that you invite people whose opinions you value to review the app and provide suggestions for improvement. We also have ways to target sample audiences based on demographics to further test against an unbiased group.

  7. 7

    Bug Fixes

    With any app, there will always be room for improvement. We will take what we learned from the beta launch and make all the necessary adjustments. We’ll then perform another internal review and upon final approval, we’ll get the app ready for launch.

  8. 8

    Launch & Market

    Time to launch your new app! We’ll go through our extensive launch checklist to make sure everything is ready to go, optimize your app store listings and submit to each app store. Now it’s time to spread the word – we offer a wide variety of digital marketing solutions to help get your message in front of the right people.


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