An eCommerce platform allows you to sell products and services via your online store.  There are a variety of eCommerce solutions available including WooCommerce for WordPress, Shopify & Magento. The eCommerce solution that is right for you will depend on several factors, but we’ll help you choose the right platform based on your needs. There are various components to consider in an eCommerce build, and our experience and refined processes will help to ensure we cover all bases.  Take a look at some key aspects of a good eCommerce website and our approach:

Product Descriptions

All too often, eCommerce websites provide minimal amounts of content for their products. This is a critical opportunity to provide the necessary information to accurately describe the product, what solutions it provides, as well as any technical specifications.

High-Quality Images

All users want to see what the product they’re buying looks like.  It’s always best practice to provide as many images as possible from different angles and viewpoints. It’s also crucial to ensure that these images are high-quality.  We recommend that your images be photographed with the same background to maintain consistency.

Smart Recommendations

Providing other product recommendations to users based on what’s in their shopping cart is a great way to increase the user’s overall value.  Make sure to include a “Recommended Products” section on your product pages and add a step before checking out to recommend other related products.

Search Filtering

Most eCommerce platforms will provide a search filter based on different product customizations like color, size, weight, etc.  The more options you can provide for a specific category of products, the higher your conversion rates will be.  You always want to provide a way for users to filter down to exactly what they’re looking for, so they feel more comfortable when matched to a product.

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Our Approach to eCommerce

All of our web design and development projects follow the web design approach. However, we add in extra steps due to the complexity of eCommerce builds. Take a look at the extra steps we take:

  1. 1

    Kick-off & User Experience

    Just like in a standard website project, this is the time for us to learn more about your company, your competitors, buyer personas and all of the products we’ll be selling online.  We then break down this process step-by-step and go over any questions you might have. All eCommerce builds will require some homework on your end, so be prepared.

  2. 2

    Product Import File

    Most eCommerce platforms provide the ability to upload your inventory through a .csv file. This .csv file will contain multiple columns for product attributes, including product name, price, short description, long description, weight, height, length, color, featured image and so on. We’ll begin helping you put this document together, optimize product descriptions and map images to the respective directory.  These uploads can be a tedious process when you have a significant amount of products, but our method aims to provide a seamless manner while still maintaining attention to detail.

  3. 3

    Establish KPIs & Setup Tracking

    As with any business, we need to have the ability to track the performance of our eCommerce website. We will automatically set up tracking for sales, but there are other metrics you might be interested in, like cart abandonment rate. We’ll help you identify what KPIs are relevant to your business and have all of the tracking measures implemented in Google Analytics.

  4. 4

    Establish Product Recommendations

    For each product listed on the website, we’ll want to identify other products that are either similar in nature or complementary. These are all upselling opportunities and will help to increase your overall revenue. We’ll make sure to have recommended products on individual product pages as well as asking upon check-out.

  5. 5

    Shipping Regulations

    Shipping regulations are going to vary from business to business, and we’ll set up your eCommerce store to match how your company operates.  If it’s your first time shipping products, don’t worry – we’ll educate you throughout this process and help you figure out the best shipment methods as well as the associated tax rates.

  6. 6

    Payment Processor

    Every eCommerce store has to be able to process credit card payments. If you aren’t sure who to use, we recommend using Stripe. Some eCommerce platforms are only compatible with certain payment processors, so we’ll help you determine what your options are to make the most appropriate decision. Once we have decided on a solution, we’ll work with them to implement payment processing for your eCommerce store.

  7. 7


    Before we launch your eCommerce website, we want to ensure all implementations are operating appropriately. We review every product to ensure we have excellent product descriptions and high-quality images. We also test functionality and assuring payment processing is working as intended. Once we have accomplished our thorough eCommerce testing checklist, we will prepare the website for launch.


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