After a website build or redesign is completed, it is crucial to install a maintenance plan to ensure that your site continues to operate at peak performance. Maintenance support consists of updates for plugins and themes, as well as core updates to WordPress. Without attention to these issues, your website is susceptible to “breaks” on pages that prevent things from loading properly and delivering a positive user experience. Maintenance support can also cover any regular changes you’d like to make to the website that you would like us to implement.

What's Included?

WordPress Updates

We provide controlled updates that check the stability of your site after every plugin or core update. In addition, we ensure that your site is always on the latest version of WordPress giving us the ability to avoid “breaks” from inadvertent changes.

Uptime Monitoring

We provide round the clock uptime monitoring. This means that if for any reason your website goes down, we are immediately notified and ready to restore the site.

Website Changes

Our custom maintenance support plans are specially tailored for clients based on the ongoing changes that they may need. This structure means you are never overpaying for a service that you are not utilizing.

Cute Little Thing

Our Approach

All of our maintenance retainers include uptime monitoring and WordPress updates, but how do we manage the extra time allocated to website changes? Take a look at how we manage our maintenance retainers so you don’t overpay for services.

  1. 1

    Hours Allocation

    Our maintenance retainers are based off a certain number of hours we work on your account each month. We provide a reduced hourly rate for clients who are on a monthly maintenance retainer.

  2. 2

    Monthly Strategy Meeting

    Each month, we’ll have a meeting to review what was accomplished in the previous month, as well as what should focus on in the current month. We always come prepared with our own recommendations but we’ll listen to your needs, estimate how much time each task will take and come up with a timeline for execution.

  3. 3


    As we complete each task, we will provide a link to review as well as how much time it took and how much time is remaining for the month. Often times, we complete tasks in a shorter amount of time than allocated that will free up extra time for other tasks.

  4. 4


    If any hours are not used in a given month, the remaining hours are eligible to be rolled over into the next month. Hours can only be rolled over into the following month from the previous month – for example; you can’t roll over hours from January into March.  Each month, we’ll notify you of any available rollover hours.


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The Double Up team is realistic, efficient, and professional. I stated exactly how I wanted to grow my business and their team came up with some wonderful marketing efforts that have propelled my company forward over the past year.

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They stick to their timelines! My new website has absolutely gotten me new business. Cullie designed it with SEO as a priority. I expect to continue working with Double Up for our future needs. Highly recommended.

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Cullie and his team has consistently hit every deadline we’ve set together. Working with them feels more like working with dedicated team members than a vendor. I have and will continue to recommend Cullie and team’s services to just about anyone with a digital presence.

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Double Up did a dynamite job creating our new website and helping us get current with all of our social media here at Hamby & Aloisio. We couldn’t have found someone better for the job!

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Lucas Montalbetti

Double Up cares for the project as if it is their own, and don’t stop until they get you exactly what you envisioned. They also offer great recommendations of their own as they draw upon past experiences to know what works and what doesn’t. Highly recommend using them for all of your website and SEO needs.

Jeff Waronker Express MRI

Cullie and Justin are wonderful. For me, the best part of the experience was that I felt that they wanted to do an excellent job. I didn’t feel rushed to make what to me were important decisions. I think it was their patience with me that allowed me to get to a great final product.

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