UX/UI design refers to user experience and user interface. Premier UX/UI design incorporates features that provide an easy usability and viewing experience through responsive design, typography, unique color coordination, and branding that promotes your business in a truly appealing aesthetic. Our team of developers and designers will work closely with your team to create a striking user and customer experience.

What Do We Focus On?

Higher Conversion Rates

Our #1 goal in implementing a new user experience is to increase conversion rates. By learning about your user base and their needs, we come up with content and a design that establishes credibility.

Pixel-Perfect Design

All of our projects incorporate a pixel-perfect design through margin, padding, spacing, and typography execution.  Each page will appear exactly how it was designed, no exceptions.

Clear Call-To-Actions

A key component of UX/UI design is the expert use of CTA’s (Call to Action.) These insertions guarantee that every page has a purpose and direct the user to exactly where they need to go.

Responsive Design

As technology advances, users continue to view websites on various electronic devices. This can cause viewing issues as different screens deliver different viewing experiences. Our process ensures that your website is perfect on every device.

Cute Little Thing

Our Approach to UX/UI Design

Whether we are building a full website or helping you to optimize a single page, we follow the same process. We need to solve the problems your users are facing when they use the website. Our process aims to solve that problem. Our approach guarantees that we provide a seamless user experience for your user base. Find out how below:

  1. 1

    Discovery & Kick-off Meeting

    This is the time for us to learn about your new goals and past performance so we can start crafting a successful strategy.  We ask that you come prepared with your most significant KPIs and identify the end goals of the project.

  2. 2

    Buyer Personas

    If we don’t know who we are optimizing for, our efforts are useless. We will help you identify who your ideal prospects are, what information they are seeking, and what verbiage might be most effective when speaking to them. This information is essential to determining what type of content we should be displaying and how we should be promoting it.

  3. 3


    Before we start adding graphic elements, we want to establish the layout of each page we are designing. Using what we learned from the buyer personas, we will prioritize the sections and create layouts that should seamlessly guide them into the next. Not only do we focus on the flow from section to section on a single page, we also focus on the flow from a section on one page to the section on the next page. The user flow should answer the user’s questions as they would ask them naturally.

  4. 4


    We now have the layouts for each page, and it’s time to start adding designs behind them. Again, we will take what we learned from the buyer personas and the overall objective to create an aesthetic that makes the user feel comfortable. We always cater to the user’s eye and what we think is going to appeal to them most.

  5. 5


    With each design template, we typically provide two rounds of revisions. We ask that you send each round of reviews in one bulleted list – this way, it’s much easier to track changes in a given round. We allow for unlimited revisions in a single round as long as they are sent over in a consolidated and organized manner.

  6. 6

    Tracking & Analytics

    We want to analyze the differences in performance metrics between the current and previous design. In order to gauge this performance change, we set up all necessary tracking through Google Analytics and other 3rd-party tools. Typically we will install a tool that allows us to view each user as they browse the page giving us significant insight into how they respond to the new design.

  7. 7

    Launch & Monitoring

    Upon final approval, we’ll launch the new design. We closely monitor performance and report back to you after one day, one week, two weeks and one month. After collecting the data, we’ll identify what was successful and provide any recommendations for further improvement, if necessary.


A Digital Marketing Agency You Can Trust

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One of my favorite things about Double Up Digital is their attention to detail and they are constantly on the cutting edge of their craft. Every time I walk out of a meeting with their team my brain is racing with new ideas and strategies. They are years ahead of their competition.

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Double Up takes your success personally. They have such a strong competitive attitude that they do not accept not being the best at what they do. My business has taken off because of Double Up Digital, and I’m excited to see where they help me go.

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Cullie and his team has consistently hit every deadline we’ve set together. Working with them feels more like working with dedicated team members than a vendor. I have and will continue to recommend Cullie and team’s services to just about anyone with a digital presence.

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Double Up did a dynamite job creating our new website and helping us get current with all of our social media here at Hamby & Aloisio. We couldn’t have found someone better for the job!

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Double Up cares for the project as if it is their own, and don’t stop until they get you exactly what you envisioned. They also offer great recommendations of their own as they draw upon past experiences to know what works and what doesn’t. Highly recommend using them for all of your website and SEO needs.

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The Double Up team is realistic, efficient, and professional. I stated exactly how I wanted to grow my business and their team came up with some wonderful marketing efforts that have propelled my company forward over the past year.

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