All websites need a home and that’s where our managed web hosting services come in! We provide WordPress-specific managed hosting that gives clients true peace of mind. This service allows you to avoid the complications that come with server maintenance and storage, operating systems, and system software. All sites that we host are ensured to have premier server speed and reliability.

Our Approach

Take a look at what’s included with our managed hosting:

  • Peace of Mind

    We provide simple managed hosting, so our clients avoid the distractions and worries that come along with unmanaged hosting. This service allows you to focus on your business without the concern of your website performance and security.

  • Fast Page Loads

    As a dedicated WordPress host, we know where to allocate resources for your WordPress website that other hosting providers don’t.  In combination with our Content Delivery Network, your site will load quickly, so users don’t bounce off the website. 

  • Security

    All of our websites are secure with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer.) This technology provides that all data transferred between servers and browsers remain encrypted which is necessary for credit card processing and form submission. By encrypting this sensitive user data, we achieve better search engine rankings due to site security.

  • Daily Backups

    We understand things can happen and may need to back up your website to a previous state.  Your site receives daily backups so we can revert easily.

  • Scalability

    Managed hosting provides scalable solutions for growing companies as their server and storage needs increase.


A Digital Marketing Agency You Can Trust

Our clients have nothing but kudos to say about us. Really, it’s true!

Cullie and his team has consistently hit every deadline we’ve set together. Working with them feels more like working with dedicated team members than a vendor. I have and will continue to recommend Cullie and team’s services to just about anyone with a digital presence.

Turner Levison CommissionTrac

They stick to their timelines! My new website has absolutely gotten me new business. Cullie designed it with SEO as a priority. I expect to continue working with Double Up for our future needs. Highly recommended.

Andrew Levison Mag-nificent

One of my favorite things about Double Up Digital is their attention to detail and they are constantly on the cutting edge of their craft. Every time I walk out of a meeting with their team my brain is racing with new ideas and strategies. They are years ahead of their competition.

Jordan Agolli Force Media

Double Up cares for the project as if it is their own, and don’t stop until they get you exactly what you envisioned. They also offer great recommendations of their own as they draw upon past experiences to know what works and what doesn’t. Highly recommend using them for all of your website and SEO needs.

Jeff Waronker Express MRI

Cullie and Justin are wonderful. For me, the best part of the experience was that I felt that they wanted to do an excellent job. I didn’t feel rushed to make what to me were important decisions. I think it was their patience with me that allowed me to get to a great final product.

Thomas Rush QuickBlocks

The Double Up team is realistic, efficient, and professional. I stated exactly how I wanted to grow my business and their team came up with some wonderful marketing efforts that have propelled my company forward over the past year.

Michael Everts SharedSpace

Double Up did a dynamite job creating our new website and helping us get current with all of our social media here at Hamby & Aloisio. We couldn’t have found someone better for the job!

Joyce Palmer Lytton Hamby & Aloisio