Double Up Digital Goes All Out To Help Small & Medium-Size Businesses

We understand the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on small businesses. We experienced the financial stress, fear of the unknown, and loss of clients firsthand. To help companies across the country maintain and grow their digital presence during these challenging times, our team brainstormed to identify services or products we could offer at a discounted rate or even free of charge. After several internal discussions, we decided to generate promotions around SEO and website hosting to alleviate financial stress for companies already operating a website. To help those in need of a digital presence, we created a website product…

The Whiteboard

5 Tips To Optimize Your Landing Page

Illustration of landing page design
Illustration of landing page design
Your landing page should be your website’s best sales rep. All your sleepless nights of web design, planning marketing campaigns, and SEO efforts were to just get traffic to your landing page. This is where your paid-search visitors are exposed to your sales copy and ideally turn into sales or…