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3 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

July 15, 2019Joel Mehler

Google My Business (GMB) has become one of the most important tools for businesses to fuel their local search results through the Google search engine. Businesses that don’t take full advantage of their GMB page are missing out on key opportunities for connecting with their local audience.

Getting started with Google My Business is as simple as heading over there and claiming your page. Unfortunately, too many businesses stop at this point and fail to take a few extra simple steps to optimize their listing, and the traffic they see from it.

Because GMB is free and easy to claim, it can be difficult to find straightforward advice on how to create a well-optimized listing. There are several things you can do, and most of them require very little effort on your part.

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Here are 3 ways that you can easily optimize GMB for local SEO today.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

Start With the Basics

It’s easy to claim your Google My Business listing. However, thinking that filling in the most important details is good enough for you now and you’ll come back and take care of the rest when you get the chance, is not the right approach.

To get the most out of your Google My Business listing, it’s important that you fill in every detail in its entirety. After all, each detail you provide equals more information about the business landing insight of your online audience. Furthermore, when you leave something blank another person – maybe even a competitor – can come along and fill it in via “suggestions”. This can result in inaccurate information about your business flooding the Google Space.

Get Visual With Your Listing

Today’s consumer loves images, and so does Google, which means they’re great for search engine optimization. Bring your GMB listing to life by adding a few images that highlight the best of your business. Think along the lines of a professional quality image of the outside of your building to make it easier for customers to find you, or a few images of your products to entice more people through your door.

Build Up Google Reviews

Reviews can be the deal maker or deal-breaker for a customer that looks up your business online. They want to know what others are saying about you and what they can expect from their own experience. Reviews are about the only way for them to get the information they’re looking for.

When it comes to reviews, having a few not so stellar reviews is better than not having any reviews at all. Google has no problem with you asking for reviews and even providing customers with a link to leave one. Finally, don’t forget to respond to the reviews you do receive – both the positive and the negative ones.

Google My Business & Digital Marketing Experts

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Joel Mehler

A graduate of the University of Alabama, Joel was first introduced to digital marketing and SEO while participating in an international internship program in Barcelona, Spain. Joel maintains consistent oversight on strategy performance, client relations and day-to-day operations. Joel is an avid traveler and spends much of his free time in search of Atlanta’s next fun trend.