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4 Ways to Improve Your Click-Through Rate in Google Ads

July 01, 2019Joel Mehler

For the average business today, ad spend is increasing. As the internet becomes more crowded and changes to search engine algorithms become more complex, pay per click advertising has become one the most effective, traffic-generating ways of getting maximized results from your digital marketing efforts.

Pay-per-click advertising is a great way of reaching the segment of your audience that’s most likely to invest their time, and ultimately their money in your business. If there’s a downside to PPC, it’s that it has become highly competitive – making it difficult to see the favorable results you’re looking for without a strategy for optimizing your campaigns.

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How to Boost Your Click-Through Rate

What does optimizing PPC mean in today’s digital space? Here are 4 ways of leveling up your PPC management to see improved results.

Use The Right Keywords for Each Ad

There’s no way to overstate the value of using the right keywords for optimizing the click-through rate of your PPC ads. Keywords are what attracts someone and pull them in. When they spot words that are aligned with their consumer goals, it’s a win-win for both of you.

If you’ve been taking stabs at your PPC keyword strategy, just stop. Take the time to research and plan, using a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner. Next, ensure that the keywords you do use aren’t chosen just for their performance but also for how they align with the intent of your ad. This is especially true when optimizing location-based PPC ads.

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Appeal to the Mobile Consumer

Speaking of location-based PPC ads, if you’re a local business who’s also looking to fuel traffic to your physical location, optimizing your PPC ads with location-relevant keywords that are most likely to be used by mobile consumers is a must. Along with this, make sure that your landing pages look good and are easy to navigate from mobile devices.

Create a Sense of Urgency

At one point, countdown timers for your PPC ads may have seemed a little gimmicky but they’ve now established themselves as being valuable tools for adding a sense of urgency and encouraging internet users to take action and move a little further through your sales funnel. Countdown timers provide a visual cue that there’s limited time to act, and if they wait until the next time they’re online, well then it might be too late.

Optimize Landing Pages

If you’ve done all the right things with your PPC ads and still aren’t getting the results you’re looking for, it could be that your shortcomings are all on your landing page. First, each PPC ad should lead to a landing page that makes sense for the intention of the ad. This almost always means creating multiple landing pages, with distinct call to actions, rather than relying on one to do all the work for you.

Let’s Get Started Optimizing Your Google Ads Today

You’re ready to see improved results from your PPC campaigns, and we’re here to help. At Double Up Digital, we go all in with a PPC management strategy that improves your click-through rates and fuels an incredible ROI for your business. Reach out to Double Up Digital to learn more about our pay per click services today.

Joel Mehler

A graduate of the University of Alabama, Joel was first introduced to digital marketing and SEO while participating in an international internship program in Barcelona, Spain. Joel maintains consistent oversight on strategy performance, client relations and day-to-day operations. Joel is an avid traveler and spends much of his free time in search of Atlanta’s next fun trend.