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5 Tips for Creating Video Ads That Convert

June 20, 2019Justin Radomski

You’ve probably heard all the statistics about how important video ads are for today’s marketing strategies. It’s engaging, informative and audiences just can’t seem to pull themselves away from it. The numbers on the amount of video being watched on social media every day are staggering.

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It has become common knowledge that video is the way to go for content marketing, but many businesses aren’t familiar with video’s capacity to turn heads when used in other digital marketing applications – like pay per click advertising.

Wait, PPC video? Is this a new thing? No, it isn’t but we’re finally at a point where video has become more accessible, especially for smaller businesses. Video campaigns that were once out of reach from a budget standpoint are now something that can be leveraged by practically any business with a pay per click budget.

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How To Improve Your Video Ads

Still, you want to get the highest return out of your video ads, so how can you optimize them for success? Here are 5 pointers for creating exceptional PPC video ads.

Get To the Point

When someone clicks on your video ad, they’re not settling down with some popcorn. Long video ads don’t hold attention, and those first few seconds are crucial for keeping your audience engaged. There’s no time to waste, so you need to get in there, get straight to the point and let them know why they want to keep watching within the first few seconds of your video ad.

Make Sense Without Sound

It doesn’t hurt if video ads are a little disruptive, but it’s still up to you to make the viewing experience as frictionless as possible. Many hours of video are watched on mobile devices in settings where sound may not be appropriate. Adding captions and telling a visual story that doesn’t need words eliminates viewing friction and keeps your audience engaged.

Don’t Be Too Salesy

You have PPC goals, but not every video ad needs to be overly salesy. Your audience already knows what you want, so give them something enjoyable rather than pushy. Tell visual stories, talk about the benefits, and don’t be afraid to think a little outside of the box when it comes to delivering your message.

Include a CTA

Your video is still a PPC ad that, hopefully, will deliver the viewer to a landing page that’s aligned with the intent of your video. Call to actions are essential, even for video. The beauty here is that you don’t have to wait until the very end to make your case with a CTA. Experiment with placing several clickable links in your video at different points.

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Design with Mobile In Mind

Finally, so much video is watched from mobile devices that you’d de cutting yourself short by not optimizing your ads for the mobile consumer. Think along the lines of vertical format that doesn’t require the mobile user to turn their phones, optimized speed and PPC landing pages designed for mobile devices.

Work With Video Experts

If you’ve been a little hesitant to try PPC video ads on your own, now is the time and we’re here to help. At Double Up Digital, we provide PPC management and additional digital marketing services that will spark growth for your business. Contact Double Up Digital today to elevate the results of your PPC campaigns.

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