What’s the Difference Between UX and UI Design for Business Websites?

May 09, 2019Alyssa Wychers

We’ve all been there at one point or another. There’s so much to learn about marketing your business online, and as you roll up your sleeves you’re bombarded with buzzwords and acronyms that all seem to blend together. How on earth are you ever going to succeed with search engine marketing when you can’t even keep the terms straight? Luckily, we’re here to break down the difference between UX and UI as they relate to design for business related websites.

For a few years now, UX (user experience), has been one of those buzzwords flying around the industry. UX has become a primary focus of search engines and for creating meaningful connections with audiences.

The concept of UX is complex enough on its own, but then another player called UI (user interface) has entered the ring and now you’re left unsure about the difference between the two and how each play into your web design.

It’s time to clear the clouds of confusion. Here are the basics of UX and UI design for building a successful presence online.

The Basics of UX Design

UX is short for user experience, which is essentially the overall measure of usability and enjoyment a visitor receives when they interact with your website design. If this sounds a little elusive, it’s because it is.

UX is the measure of the whole of an experience but there are many components to this. Anything that adds to the visitor’s experience is considered good for UX. From the perspective of modern website design, features like speed, usability, simplicity and visual appeal win points.

When businesses are thinking about UX design, they need to consider who their target market is and what types of features matter from a usability standpoint and how to provide ultimate value through web design.

How Is UI Design Different?

UI design involves the actual interface of your website. You can think of it as being a more tangible component of UX. For instance, simplicity in navigation is important for UX. UI design focuses on building a site architecture that streamlines navigation and adds to the user experience.

The end result of UI design is a website that has the look, feel and usability that appeals to the various elements of UX.

Which Is More Important for Web Design?

This is a question that can’t really be answered. The truth is they are both equally important components of your digital strategy and at the end of the day should be viewed as complementary elements that can be leveraged to work together.

Think of it this way. A website that looks great, but functions poorly isn’t going to win you any leads or conversions. Likewise, no matter how great your site functions, you’re not going to get the engagement you need if it’s lacking visually. A combined approach of UI/UX design guarantees that you have the best of both worlds.

Various devices displaying UX/UI web designs.

Refresh Your Website Design with UI/UX Design Today

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Alyssa Wychers

Alyssa graduated from John Brown University and joined our team in 2017. She moved from Michigan to Atlanta the following year to join the team in-office. When she’s not coming up with the next creative design idea, she loves being outside, reading all of the classics, and convincing anyone she meets that Michigan summers are actually the greatest.