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7 Easy Web Design Tips That Maximize Conversions

December 11, 2018Avery Williams

Of all the efforts you put into building a presence online, it’s your web design that’s at the heart of your success. It’s the place where people get to know your business, and it’s the place where visitors become customers – at least this is the way it should be. If your website design isn’t delivering your brand, providing the ultimate in user experience and converting in the process, then it isn’t doing everything it’s capable of.

Web Design Tips For More Conversions

Fortunately, you can improve your site’s ability to convert by taking a few simple steps to improve its overall design and function. Here are 7 web design tips that will work fast to boost conversions.

Illustration of a web design checklist on a computer.

Simplicity with Hick’s Law

Hick’s Law is a theory that states the amount of time it takes a person to decide is directly proportional to the number of choices they have. To use Hick’s Law to your advantage, keep simplicity a primary theme in your web development. Keep navigation simple, and break product menus into manageable chunks rather than endless lists of options. Giving the visitor too many options gives them time to reconsider their purchase altogether.

Go for Speed

When it comes to how fast your website loads, time isn’t on your side. The average visitor starts to lose patience after 2-3 seconds – basically the blink of an eye. If they lose interest before even entering your site because it’s slow to load, you’ve basically lost any chance of conversion. Making speed a priority is an easy way to boost your success.

Use Negative Space to Your Advantage

Negative space, which is all that beautiful blank space that helps the eye flow smoothly through your web pages, isn’t a negative at all. While the whole point of negative space is to have “room to breathe,” you can use this space to your advantage by placing an eye-catching, singular element – like a CTA in this space to grab even more attention.

Add Video

Well placed quality video is one of the most conversion worthy elements your site can have. Take for example, that using video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Still, landing pages aren’t the only place video packs a punch. Try using full page video on your home page or including an explainer video on product pages.

Build in Your Brand

It’s important to use your branding, including your colors and logo, throughout your website. If you’re known for bold colors or design, this can be difficult to do while not visually overwhelming the visitor. Don’t worry, you can still work it in and have a site that encourages conversions.

Start by choosing prominent elements of your brand to weave through the site and then maintain consistency. For instance, select the strongest color in your branding and work it into every page. Use secondary colors for CTAs and other elements that need a punch of color to grab attention.

Use Quality Imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a bad image can speak volumes and turn prospective conversions away. If you’ve been relying on low-quality stock imagery to boost the visual appeal of your site, this could be one of the reasons conversions are turning away. Invest in quality images and video, or if you must use stock photos, use ones that look professional, modern and match your brand image.

Contact a Professional Web Designer

Building a site that serves as a conversion magnet can be tough. Sometimes the most effective way of boosting conversions is putting your trust in a website design company that knows how to get the results you want.
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Avery Williams

Avery is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) where she studied Media & Journalism, with a focus on interactive media and graphic design. Avery’s passion for UX/UI design and development led her to the Double Up team where she enjoys creating the next best website and building premier user experiences.