Say hello to our Web Developer, Elizabeth Schroeder

Perfects drinking coffee and coding simultaneously
Constructs your website from the ground up
Elizabeth Schroeder
Advances her knowledge of the web with Google Certifications
Has pinpoint accuracy from years of archery training


A Georgia native, Elizabeth graduated from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania and immediately came back home to get a Web Certification from Emory University. She joined our team of rockstar developers in 2022. In her free time Elizabeth enjoys reading, hiking, and overly elaborate board games.

Office Superlative

Ms. Wikipedia 📕 – Always has factoids or new knowledge to share

Favorite FoodChips & Spicy Salsa
Favorite Card or Board GameD&D
Favorite Disney MovieMulan
Favorite SeasonSpring
Favorite Ice Cream FlavorBlack Raspberry
Favorite PlaceGrand Canyon
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