Pay per click ads are effective tools for generating a stream of highly qualified traffic to your website. The only catch is that for pay per click advertising to be effective, the copy within your ads needs to be compelling enough to reach out to your audience and immediately grab their attention.

This is no small task, especially in an environment where so many other businesses are competing against each other to achieve the same goals. As a business, you need to think about what really compels a consumer to take action. What makes the difference between a PPC ad that gets skimmed over and one that generates clicks and incites action?

Tips for Writing Copy That Connects With Users Emotionally

The answer is emotion. We’re emotionally driven creatures and when a business learns how to tap into certain emotions and appeal to their audience on a personal level they start to see a positive shift in results. Here are 3 tips for writing PPC ad copy that’s psychologically compelling and effective for fueling action in your paid ad campaign.

Writing Copy That Conveys Scarcity and a Sense of Urgency

Today, consumers have become more conservative with their purchasing power. When they spot your PPC ad they may feel hesitation at even the idea of clicking on a link that might try to encourage them to spend money. Tapping into the emotions of scarcity and a sense of urgency is one way to overcome this hurdle.

Urgency and scarcity are motivators in the customer journey and audiences tend to respond strongly to a “now or never” message. Consider using wording that indicates a limited time offer or implies that your message is directed at this exact moment in time. Words like “now”, “today” or “limited time” let the customer know the offer might not exist tomorrow.

Easing Their Fears

When writing copy, your PPC ads should expose you to an audience that might not have previous experience with your business. These customers are going to be naturally hesitant to invest their money, or even their time, in a business they don’t have personal experience with.

You can alleviate their fear of the unknown by using your PPC copy to provide them with reassurance. Include wording that instills trust – for example, you might include a 100% satisfaction guarantee or highlight your zero hassle return policy. It also never hurts to include a link to your Google or social media reviews to help potential customers feel more at ease.

Value They Can’t Resist

Contrary to what you might think, the most effective PPC ads aren’t focused solely on the service or product they’re promoting. A subtle shift in your PPC ad copy that puts the focus on the problem you’re solving helps to communicate the real value of your message to the audience. For instance, a roofing company will see more results from ad copy that focuses on fixing a leaky roof than copy that only makes mention of their roofing services.

PPC Management That Produces Results

Successful PPC campaigns are fueled by powerful, emotionally compelling ad copy. You want to get the most out of your PPC investment and we want to help. At Double Up Digital, we know how to optimize PPC results for businesses just like yours. Connect with Double Up Digital and elevate your digital presence today.

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