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5 Tips To Optimize Your Landing Page

February 29, 2020Justin Radomski

Your landing page should be your website’s best sales rep. All your sleepless nights of web design, planning marketing campaigns, and SEO efforts were to just get traffic to your landing page. This is where your paid-search visitors are exposed to your sales copy and ideally turn into sales or leads. 

It’s not that much of an exaggeration to say that the success of your website depends largely on how well put together your landing page is. An effective landing page that is a lead generation machine validates all your hard work and increases conversions. A subpar one puts them all to waste.

landing page design created by Double Up Digital.

Why Optimize Your Landing Page

That’s why when it comes to pay per click advertising, your landing page is one area you cannot afford to take for granted. It doesn’t matter how much traffic your SEO efforts are generating if you can’t turn that traffic into sales leads. Below, we’ll talk about how to optimize your landing page and get the most out of the traffic you’re getting.

Invest In Your Sales Copy

This is the absolute most important thing you should consider when looking to maximize your landing page.  Your sales copy is literally the number one factor that can determine whether or not your landing page will convert leads or sales.

There are many schools of thought when it comes to the best practices for sales copy. One thing everybody agrees on, however, is that you need a strong headline. A strong headline should catch your visitors’ attention and make them feel good about being on your website – that they didn’t suddenly land on the wrong site by mistake. Once you’ve got their attention, then you can start to sell them on your truly life-changing products and services.

Your sales copy is what’s going to move your website visitors to either buy something or leave their information with you. It only makes sense to invest the appropriate time and effort into coming up with the best sales copy that you can.

Mobile-friendly website displayed on various devices displaying mobile responsiveness.

High-Quality Page Design

Making your landing page aesthetically pleasing should be a no-brainer. Most visitors usually can tell with a quick glance whether or not they want to spend time on your website. You’ve worked so hard on getting them there, do you really want them bouncing away just because your landing page isn’t aesthetically pleasing?

It doesn’t even take that much effort. The most important thing is to keep the landing page looking professional. This is best done by keeping the design straightforward and minimal. It might be tempting to fill the page with images, but that’s just going to give it a cluttered feel. A few choices, relevant images, coupled with a well-thought-out outline of your main points will go a long way in helping potential customers take you more seriously. After all, nobody wants to feel like they’re being spammed or scammed. You want your landing page to be a smartly dressed professional salesman, not a scruffy clown.

Optimize For Mobile Devices

Statistics show that over 50% of all web traffic happens on mobile devices. With numbers like that, it’s definitely a good idea to optimize your landing page for mobile devices.

Imagine browsing the Internet on your phone and suddenly you’re on a page that isn’t loading properly. The layout is distorted, the text is all over the place, and the images just don’t look right. What do you do? Chances are, if you are like most of the over 4.5 billion mobile phone users in the world, you simply exit that page. It’s not your time and trouble, after all.

This is what is likely to happen if you don’t optimize your landing page for mobile users. You’re losing the sale or lead before you even get a chance to sell to your website visitors. It’s just not worth the trouble for them. Keep this in mind when designing your landing pages to avoid alienating the millions of potential customers out there who are using mobile devices to browse the Internet.

Focus On Important Elements

When trying to maximize your landing page, think about what that really means to you. If your answer is anything other than getting conversions, then you’ve got it all wrong. The landing page is all about lead generation. That’s it. Everything on your landing page should have the sole purpose of helping you get sales leads. This means you want to get your webpage traffic to conversion with as few distractions as possible.

This can be done by simply clearing the useless clutter from your landing page. Avoid external AND internal links that might take your potential customers away from your page, never to return again. This includes search and navigation bars. It’s hard enough to get traffic on your webpage, even with heavy investment on Facebook ads, Bing ads, and social ads – why would you risk sending them away?

The landing page is all about conversions. Keep it focused on making sales and getting your visitors to leave their information.

Speed Is King

People like to say that content is king, and they’re not wrong. Speed, though, is part of the royal family when it comes to PPC marketing. A slow-loading landing page is bound to lose a lot of potential customers within seconds. Nobody is going to patiently wait around until your page loads. Be sure to optimize the loading speed of your landing page (and your website in general,) or you’ll see just how fast you can lose potential sales leads.

Improve Your Conversion Goals With Online Marketing Experts

Your landing page is where all the magic happens. It is where your opportunity to convince and convert potential clients lies. All the hard work you’ve done optimizing your website’s SEO, the money you’ve spent on ads, the hours upon hours of coming up with content – all of that was just to get traffic to your landing page. If you’re serious about maximizing your conversion rate optimization, connect with the experts at Double Up Digital. We can help you get the most out of your landing page.

Justin Radomski

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