How UI & UX Design Impact Today’s Businesses

July 19, 2019Avery Williams

The website you’ve devoted so many resources to building has one main goal at the end of the day – to generate revenue for your business. This is the end goal, but there are a lot of actions that take place between the first time someone lands on your website and the moment they decide that you’re product or service is worth taking a risk on. Your website serves as the roadmap for each of these actions, or at least it should. UI & UX design are critical components of that roadmap.

According to Design Rush, The best-rated user experience designers create a highly-functional website, mobile app or online platform for clients. In this blog, we’ll discuss what goes into successful UI & UX design and what you can do to improve your current website.

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Today’s digital consumer has some pretty high expectations when it comes to their experience when they engage with a website. It really isn’t enough to just have a site that looks good, it also needs to perform and contribute to seamless conversions for your business.

We could spend all day talking about how this happens, or we could wrap it up in a nice little package called UI/UX – otherwise known as user interface and user experience. These have been buzzwords in the digital landscape for a while now, but they’re different today than they were a few years ago. Let’s look at how UI/UX has evolved for 2019’s digital consumer.

Are UI and UX Design the Same?

The short answer here is no, they aren’t. UI involves improving the functionality, interactivity and overall presentation of your website or mobile application. It’s all about how your website interacts with the person who’s using it. Think along the lines of tangible elements, like page architecture, call to action buttons and impactful visual elements.

UX is something a little different. UX encompasses the entire experience of the person visiting your site. This includes the aesthetic appeal as well as functionality, and much of it is influenced by the energy put into UI. The average digital consumer doesn’t have much of a background in UI, but they do know quite well how they feel about engaging with a business website. Click here to learn more about the differences between UI and UX.

UX design team working on a website design.

The State of UI and UX in 2019

With the definitions out of the way, we can turn our attention to how these two have evolved to where they are today. Rather than looking at these components separately, today’s approach to UX/UI development is more combined and cohesive. We’re understanding more about how each of these on their own contributes to more positive interactions with the digital audience and how they work together to enhance those interactions even further.

For instance, today’s businesses need to look at their audiences and think of each person as a potential lead. UI development is a key component in creating websites that compel the modern consumer. Think along the lines of compelling visuals and animations, along with sites that have an architecture that works seamlessly on mobile devices.

UX has become the focal point of the digital experience. As more of our interactions are happening online, we need a way of fusing an emotional connection and supplying those “feel good” emotions that used to come through face to face interactions and brick and mortar shopping experiences. An experience that’s free of glitches and frustrations, while enhancing the entire interaction is one of the top things the modern digital consumer is looking for.

Putting UI and UX Design Together in 2019

You need a strategy to generate the most success for your business online. We’re the digital experts that can help you cultivate an online presence through strategic UI and UX design. There’s no time to waste in enhancing the experience visitors have with your website. Contact Double Up Digital and discover how we can elevate your brand in the digital space today.

Avery Williams

Avery is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!) where she studied Media & Journalism, with a focus on interactive media and graphic design. Avery’s passion for UX/UI design and development led her to the Double Up team where she enjoys creating the next best website and building premier user experiences.